Language evolves,
and we do too.

Facilitating communication between peoples and cultures since 2005.

Lost in Globalization?

The road to Globalization is full of pitfalls. Using the right tools for challenging workflows, timelines and budgets, while getting your message precisely translated with the appropriate cultural nuance can be quite a balancing act.

tbo. provides translation, talent, training, teams and testing services to a full range of clients in over 40 countries
worldwide, from startups to enterprise-level companies.
tbo. aims to facilitate global communication by bridging the gap between peoples and cultures, providing simple solutions to complex problems, and outstanding service in 100+ languages.
tbo. fosters a culture of continuous improvement, creativity, sustainability and community, with a longstanding commitment to providing high-touch human service.
tbo. is ranked as one of the fifteen fastest organically growing localization companies in the world and operates 24/7,
363 days a year on a “follow the sun” format via offices in Cordoba, Ho Chi Minh City, Kyiv and Lima.
tbo. is certified under five separate international quality norms and is committed to ethically leveraging multilingual AI.
tbo. was founded in 2005 and is wholly owned by Charles Campbell.

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